Linda M. Maher, P.G.


University of Wisconsin, Madison, M.S., Geology, 1986
State University of New York at Albany, B.S., Geology, 1979


Professional Geologist, California, since 1989


Environmental Consultant,  Independent, 1997 to date
ENTRIX, Inc., Project Manager, 1989-97
Irvine Consulting Group/Hydrotech, Staff Geologist, 1986-88
Scientific Resource Surveys, Inc., Paleontologist, 1983-86
California Institute of Technology, Technical Assistant, 1983
U.S. Geological Survey, Hydrological Field Assistant, 1980


Ms. Maher has over  25 years of experience in environmental and geological consulting. She has a strong and diverse environmental background, with project experience in most major facets of environmental compliance. Some representative projects include:

Hazardous Waste Permitting and Regulatory Support. Provided on-going environmental regulatory support for hazardous waste treatment and storage facility in Texas. Projects included RCRA Part A and Part B permit renewals, permit modifications for the addition of new hazardous waste management units, Contingency Plan updates, regulatory research on various solid and hazardous waste handling issues, interfacing with state environmental agency.

Environmental Compliance Audits. Performed audits to assess compliance with waste storage/ handling/reporting, stormwater and wastewater discharge, and SARA TRI regulations. Types of industries audited in Texas include barge cleaning, container cleaning and refurbishing, and metal pipe heat-treatimg facilities. Assisted clients with mitigating compliance deficiencies.

Emissions Inventory, Chemical Manufacturer, TX. Assisted in air emissions calculations, and completion of forms and support documentation for annual emissions inventory for major chemical manufacturer, 1997-date.

TSCA IUR and PMN. Completed TSCA Inventory Update Rule (IUR) data submission (Form U) for major chemical manufacturer. Regulatory research and interpretations provided on applicable reporting requirements and exemptions, and also the related Premanufacture Notification (PMN) regulations for new chemical substances.

SARA 313. Toxic Chemical Release Inventory (TRI) reporting for major chemical manufacturer. Data compilation and reduction, and completion of Form R.

Pollution Prevention Plans and Annual Progress Reports. Assisted several large quantity waste generators in Texas in creating pollution prevention plans and associated annual progress reports.

Environmental Compliance Manuals. Prepared manuals for several oil and gas companies (natural gas and products pipelines, products storage, E&P). Each manual tailored to fit specific company operations, with emphasis on user-friendly style. Covered RCRA, water discharges, drinking water, SPCC, PCBs, NORM, DOT, hazmat, etc.

Water Discharge Permit Applications. Completed numerous applications for permit renewals, new facilities, stormwater and wastewater, federal and state level (IN, LA, OH, TX). For petroleum products transmission facilites, chemical manufacturer, mixed radiocactive/hazwaste treatment and storage facility, metal pipe heat-treating operations. Wrote stormwater pollution prevention plans (SWP3 plans) for Texas general stormwater permittees.

RI/FS, Petroleum Storage and Pump Station, IN. Managed Remedial Investigation/ Feasibility Study (RI/FS) to address hydrocarbon-affected media at site under state enforcement action. Over the course of 8 years, performed and facilitated soil, groundwater, and surface water contamination studies, human health and ecological risk assessments. Monitoring of air sparge/soil vent extraction remediation system. Routinely resolved conflicts between client and agency.

Environmental Assessments. Managed and performed numerous compliance assessments of industrial, commercial and residential properties. Projects generally designed to satisfy due diligence requirements for property transfers. Types of facilities included petroleum products terminals and pump stations, onshore and offshore E&P, natural gas processing plants, oil field equipment and service companies, commercial, residential, and agricultural sites. Typical project included site inspection; evaluation of air, water, and waste permit requirements and compliance; community and worker right-to-know; identification of significant environmental liabilities.

In-House Environmental Consulting for Petroleum Products Transmission Company. Worked in-house for 1 year. Senior-level responsibility for compliance on water, waste, remediation, and general compliance issues. Interface with agencies on client's behalf in all manner of compliance and enforcement issues.

In-House Environmental Consulting, Natural Gas Pipeline Company. Assisted in the completion of an EPA alternate disposal permit for PCB-contaminated pipe and equipment. Permit allowed a more flexible cleanup strategy and higher cleanup levels in contaminated media.

Type IV Landfill, TX. Completed permit application for expansion of existing landfill. Assisted with engineering oversight and evaluation of clay liner. Prepared Soil Liner Evaluation Reports (SLERs).

Underground Storage Tanks. Multiple sites in CA, TX. Responsibilities included development and execution of soil and groundwater sampling programs, installation and development of groundwater monitoring wells, delineation of hydrocarbon plumes, assistance in development of cost-effective remediation programs and permanent leak detection systems. Directed contractors during removal of underground tanks.


Geological Society of America
National Groundwater Association
Phi Beta Kappa
Girl Scout Leader since 2000